Ways to Participate in the Customer Service Week

By September 29, 2021 Evolve Insights

Every first full week of October is special. That happens to be next week starting 4th October. For the last three decades, businesses across the globe have set the week aside to rejuvenate their customer service. This year’s global theme is “The Power of Service” The theme aims to celebrate frontline staff that have gone out of their way to serve their customers despite the pandemic. In Kenya, the local theme is “Customer Inclusion”. The theme I believe urges businesses to involve different customers in co-creating the best experience and treat customers as partners. There are numerous ways to participate in #CSWeek; I wish to share a few:- 

 Launch CS Week 

Launches are exciting! They bring newness to the CS Week every year. Monday morning is a great time to hold your CS Week launch event. Consider holding it internally with your team. Have the CEO give the keynote address as the Chief Experience Officer. It is not necessary to cut a big cake; cupcakes are a better option in this season. During the launch, which can also happen virtually, let your team know that their role is important. 

Hold Staff Fun Events

Who does not like a little fun at the workplace? I urge businesses to plan fun events with their teams throughout the week. Fun is what your staff define it to be. However. I believe that sharing a meal, celebrating each other, going bowling or hiking, playing board games, having a quiz night are all fun activities that you could incorporate in your #CSWeek2021. These events can be physical or virtual. Make every activity exciting! 

Focus on Learning

There is no end to building our skills. CS Week is an opportunity to build these skills. We can learn from each other internally by spending time with colleagues. We can also invite guest speakers to share some insights. Personally, I am excited about learning during CS Week. This is because on October 4th together with other members of the customer experience community in Kenya, we will be starting a journey to certification. The initiative through the CX University will see the first cohort of 10 Kenyans start a 90-day roadmap to becoming Certified Customer Experience Professionals. We must keep getting better!

Appreciate Your Customers

An SMS is not adequate! Many Kenyans complain about too many Happy CSWeek messages. Customers are happy because of positive experiences. This year’s CSWeek is an opportunity to appreciate our customers in different ways. Consider inviting a few customers to the CSweek launch or as guest speakers at your staff events. Better still, hold special customer appreciation events where the longest-serving or largest customers are recognized. Courtesy calls to a number of your customers are a much better option than an effortless bulk SMS.

More Ideas

I asked Purity Mithika Business Development Manager at ICX Kenya what else businesses can do. Purity says businesses can re-imagine feedback collection. As opposed to asking your customers to rate their experience, invite them to co-create experiences they would love. For internal customers, she proposes that businesses consider activities that include different demographics. For example, if the majority of employees are millennials, consider something special for Gen X and Gen Z to make them feel included. 

There are many ways a business can mark CSWeek.  I encourage all businesses to participate this year. The starting point is to invite your team to generate creative ideas to make CSWeek 2021 memorable. See you next week!

Dr Lucy Kiruthu is a Management Consultant and Trainer. Connect via Twitter @KiruthuLucy

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