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Customer Exeperience at Its Best

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Our number one focus is building customer-centric businesses!

When the culture is customer-centric customer satisfaction and loyalty thrives and this drives business performance.

Guided by the Evolve Customer-Centric Model, we immerse ourselves in your business to fully understand your needs and walk the journey of embedding Customer-Centricity.

Evolve Training

We develop customer focused teams!

Our services include:-

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Evolve Research

We capture customer and staff insights to support the customer experience transformation process!

Our services include:-

  • Voice of the Customer
  • Employee Engagement Insights
  • Mystery Shopping
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Evolve Insights

Evolve Insights

Decision 2022

The best that we can do as a citizenry is to choose to live in harmony irrespective of our decision for 2022.
Evolve Insights

Integrity is a Valuable Choice

Integrity is one of the key values that can make our society a better place for all!
a kenyan athlete holding the flag
Evolve Insights

A Working Nation

As citizens of this country, we need to take actions that make Kenya a better country and a working nation for all.
Evolve Insights

Parenting Workers for the Future

Parenting at its best for future workers involves parents supporting their children to develop mindsets, skills, and behaviours needed in the world of work.
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About Lucy Kiruthu

Customer Experience and Strategy Expert

Lucy is on a mission to inspire positive change in business and society. Since 1998, Lucy has worked across industries both in management and offering business advisory services.

Lucy is keen on custom-made solutions that build customer-centric businesses and drive performance. Her experiences range from shaping the overall strategy, designing a delightful end-to-end customer experience and developing the team’s competencies.

At SNDBX, Lucy is the Customer Experience Expert.

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    Customer Experience at Its Best

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