Having the Right People Vital for Business Success

By September 17, 2019 Evolve Insights

As it appeared in the Daily Nation on September 17th 2019
Dr. Lucy Kiruthu

People are at the heart of business success. Their role in business is unique. It is people that make a difference in how organizations run every day. They make organizations what they are, give them a life and differentiate them. Those in the frontline handle and manage interactions with customers. Those in leadership guide their teams in the achievement of organizational goals. Businesses only achieve their desired goals when people commit to making it happen. The choices our people make and the actions they take both in the frontline and in leadership influence how our organizations perform both in the short, medium and long terms. It is therefore paramount for business leaders to have the right people holding the right positions. Does your organization have the right people in place?

At the workplace, the right people are described as those having a positive attitude, displaying the right behaviours and having the competencies needed to get the job done proficiently. The attitude seen in individuals either boosts or deters organizational success. As a point of view, attitude towards the business, its management and customers by individuals working in it can be positive or negative. A positive attitude gets work done painlessly while a negative one works against the organization’s advancement. Additionally, we live in a world where knowledge is valuable. Having a knowledgeable team is a great asset in any organization. This is because it helps the individuals to understand their jobs, the organization and the world. Being knowledgeable is also the first step towards becoming skilful. Unfortunately, not all organizations can confidently say that their people have the right attitudes, are knowledgeable and adequately skilled with the right competencies.

Smart companies need to aim for the best people both at the leadership level and in the frontline. This is only possible if they focus more intensely on people. I have been involved in recruitment and I can attest that it is not always easy to find great people. However, with the right leadership, it is easier to find them. Job mismatch is a common problem in many businesses. Identifying people that make the best match to the organization is crucial. Besides, it is vital for the people to get the needed support once they take up new roles. High-performance teams are only possible if organizations are intentional about finding and retaining the best people. Having the right people, with the right skills and attitudes holding the right positions in every part of the organization should be every business’s aspiration.

I believe that people will remain a key factor in the survival of businesses even with the advancements in technology. Improved business performance is achievable by and through the right people. As a result, every business hoping to survive in the future should focus more on whether its people make are the best match for its desired future. With the wrong people especially in leadership, it is unlikely that a business will achieve survive a volatile future. Conversely, organizations in which people are valued are likely to stay ahead. Business owners must therefore see value in their people. They should also aim to have the right mix of people doing the right things at all times. If you invest in having the best people, rest assured you will not regret it!

Dr. Lucy Kiruthu is a Management Consultant and Trainer. Connect via twitter @KiruthuLucy

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