Entrepreneurs Do Not Give Up

By April 15, 2021 April 28th, 2021 Evolve Insights

The spirit of entrepreneurship is alive globally. Over the years, many have started new and successful enterprises. These entrepreneurs have not only put on their enterprising hats but their entrepreneurial spirit as well. The entrepreneurial spirit has kept pushing many forward despite the uncertainty, ambiguity and obstacles in the world of business. Successful entrepreneurs seem to be full of passion, they are resilient, and they do not easily give up. They are not just starting or running a business, they are on a mission to change the world.

We certainly need more and more entrepreneurs in the world and especially here in Kenya. We need many more new business ideas successfully launched. It does not have to be a technology-based idea; it could be a service or a product. In many towns in Kenya, I have come across entrepreneurs running some unique eateries. Even in a multitude of many similar businesses along the streets, they are some that seem to stand out. It takes real guts to start and build a novel business. Do you have the self-discipline, confidence, tenacity, passion and vision of an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurs face their fears head-on and they just do it. When times are tough, entrepreneurs try one more time; they experiment and adjust faster than regular businesspeople.

In Kenya, we have many people running their businesses. Whether or not these people have an entrepreneurial spirit or not is debatable. Some do, some do not. There is also the question of whether entrepreneurs are born or made. I am from the school of thought that people can become entrepreneurs even though they were not born in a family of entrepreneurs. The other good news is that no one is too old or too young to start his or her own enterprise. Some entrepreneurs started their enterprises in their 20’s and succeeded. Others started theirs after retirement and still succeeded. The story of Colonel Sanders inspires many. At 64 years, he started KFC a fast food restaurant that spread out of his hometown of Kentucky to the rest of the world. Though people consumed friend chicken in the past, we can still consider Colonel Sanders to have invented it. Entrepreneurs invent something that excites their potential customers. How can we make our customers lives easier?

The COVID-19 season has hit many businesses hard. Fortunately, it has not killed the entrepreneurial spirit. Many in businesses have keep this spirit alive. This spirit helps entrepreneurs not to give up even when they feel like they have hit a dead end. When they feel tired trying to build a business, they try one more time. Those in business need to borrow a leaf from entrepreneurs; they dare to keep trying. This season is calling us to think consistently of new ideas. Further, businesses need to focus a little more on the needs of their consumers and offer better solutions to their customers’ pain. Since business is slow in some sectors, it is time to focus on building skills and knowledge in entrepreneurship. Better days are not behind us, we live in a world full of possibilities. Let us keep the hope alive!

Dr Lucy Kiruthu is a Management Consultant and Trainer. Connect via Twitter @KiruthuLucy

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