The Power of Attitude

By October 2, 2019 Evolve Insights

As it appeared in the Daily Nation on October 1st 2019
by Dr. Lucy Kiruthu

I believe that our attitude plays the most significant role in influencing the quality of our lives. Attitude has the power to influence our lives either positively or negatively. It is our attitude that determines how far we progress in our careers. It is our attitude that determines how well or how poorly we interact with one other. I am glad that I learnt about the power of attitude very early in life. I suspect that I did so from watching my dad. My dad displayed a level of positivity that was uncommon. His attitude was evident in his actions. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the opportunity to learn about the power of attitude from such an early age. In a home where negativity booms, it might be normal to remain negative.

Attitude is complex. It emanates from many corners of our lives such as our personality, our beliefs and our values. Attitude can simply be considered as a point of view either positive or negative about something or someone. We all have a certain attitude towards life, towards ourselves, family members, our employers, our managers, our customers, our country etc. Our attitude whether positive or negative is often evident in our thoughts, our behaviours and in how we feel. Our attitude towards someone may cause us to feel and act in a certain way towards him or her. What is your attitude towards life?

Very often, we are quick to point out the negative attitudes in others but forget to reflect on our attitude. To eradicate negativity from our lives and embrace a positive attitude, I believe we need to spend more time getting to know ourselves and develop a sense of purpose. Without a sense of purpose, everyday happenings in our lives baffle us. With a better understanding of who we are and our reason for existence, we can make the right choices regarding our thoughts, our behaviours and our feelings. Is your attitude assisting or hurting you and your loved ones?

Here are a few areas that we can focus on to build a positive attitude towards life, towards others and ourselves. First, we must set own goals and aim high enough to achieve them through our daily actions. We must also motivate ourselves and do so with zeal and persistence. When going through a difficult season, staying positive and maintaining hope works wonders. In the case of a stressful situation, it is best to take positive action to minimize or withdraw the source of stress. We also need to display an attitude of gratitude – start by being grateful for a new day today. Being aware of where we need to improve and investing in ourselves is vital. I believe that being open and honest with others and aiming to interact smoothly contributes positively to our attitude. Staying focused on the solution instead of the problem is yet another positive attitude booster. Having good friends, a healthy interest or hobby improves how we feel thus influencing our attitude. Finally, if always feeling negative, it may be time to seek social support by talking to someone. Choose positivity over negativity today!

Dr. Lucy Kiruthu is a Management Consultant and Trainer. Connect via twitter @KiruthuLucy

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