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Customer Interactions via Social Media Rising

As it appeared in the Daily Nation on August 18th 2020 Dr Lucy Kiruthu Are you on any social media platform? Do you use social media to interact with businesses? A variety of social media channels do exist. In a world that has gone digital, smart companies, continue to adopt the use of the channels for business. To create awareness and to offer customer support, social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and Facebook are popular. Over the last five years, the adoption of these channels has experienced steady growth. The COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated this growth in the last five months. In place of face-to-face and phone interactions, customers have shifted online and embraced social media interactions more. Today, many brands are intentional about interacting with their customers via social media. They do so daily and in real-time, some even have social media coverage around the clock. These social media interactions present…
Dr. Lucy Kiruthu
August 19, 2020