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Growing into Leadership

As it appeared in the Daily Nation on December 8th 2020 Dr Lucy Kiruthu Many claim to be leaders. This claim could be true because at least the majority of us at the very least are involved in leading ourselves. Besides, whether one is a good or bad leader they are still considered a leader. How many of our leaders have the leadership qualities required to lead others well? Amongst the political class, we rank poorly. Many political leaders do not necessarily exemplify desirable leadership qualities. Unfortunately, some even believe they were simply born leaders. However, in the world of business, we do much better on matters leadership. Many business leaders have intentionally developed their leadership abilities over time. They are better leaders today because they grew into leadership. How do we grow into leadership? I believe that leadership is a journey. Many great leaders were not necessarily born in a family of leaders. Some of…
Dr. Lucy Kiruthu
December 9, 2020