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Customer Orientation Redefined

As it appeared in the Daily Nation on November 24th 2020 Dr Lucy Kiruthu Many businesses claim that they are customer-oriented. Most such businesses have a core value that relates to the value they place on their customers. Whether this claim is true or not can only be confirmed by what their customers say and how they feel. Having a value relating to customers does not automatically result in customer orientation. Over the last three decades, many businesses have greatly benefited from a customer-oriented approach. Globally, businesses such as Amazon.com, the Ritz-Carlton, Southwest Airlines and many others have not shied away from doing what must be done to win their customers’ trust and keep them for life. Locally, businesses such as Java house and Chloride Exide have been pinpointed as being on the right track. How customer-oriented is your business? Being customer-oriented means anticipating, understanding, meeting and even exceeding the needs of our customers consistently. It…
Dr. Lucy Kiruthu
November 26, 2020