Strategic Customer Service

Organizations are at different stages in the customer service excellence journey. Depending on an organization’s specific needs and the extent to which service excellence has already been implemented, we support the organization along the journey. The consultancy services are offered as a package or as stand-alone initiatives.

a. Planning Ahead to Stay Ahead

A changing marketplace requires that organizations constantly anticipate customer requirements and adapt resources to match these requirements. This is only possible if the organization has an effective customer service strategy well integrated across the entire organization and one that leads to positive customer experiences.

Our approach is in 4 phases namely;
1. Getting to know you
2. Putting Together a Plan of Action
3. Supporting the Execution
4. Managing Performance

b. Culture transformation in customer service

Service and culture are inseparable; at the core of successful organizations is culture of service excellence. Our systematic approach helps organizations in driving a culture of service excellence across the organization.
We guide our customers through building a culture in which service excellence flourishes. The engagement kick-starts with a service culture audit and various unique initiatives are identified to support the transformation.

c. Setting Service Standards

Organizations that consistently provide excellent customer service are deliberate about their customers’ experience. They have service standards that help focus the organization on the needs of the customers and that guide daily customer interactions. The service standards also provide a measure against which service performance is assessed and service improvements encouraged.
We guide and support our customers in the development and implementation of organization wide internal and external service standards.

d. The voice of the customer

Do you really know what your customers think of you? Feedback from customers is an excellent way to continuously improve. The better your feedback process, the better the quality of information you will have. Vital information is obtained by listening to what customers have to say.

We guide our customers in coming up with customer feedback processes and tools. We do this by supporting our customers in:-
1. Evaluating current feedback processes
2. Determining key attributes that need to be measured
3. Identifying and implementing the best feedback process
4. Using the data to measure performance and identify improvement opportunities

e. Customer Loyalty Programs

We believe that a well-executed loyalty program can boost sales, increase the lifetime value of customers and differentiate the organization from others. The success of such a program is determined by how well the organization researches the key elements that will drive loyalty.

We support our customers in:-
1. Determining the Loyalty Program that would be a best fit
2. Ascertaining the unique perceived value of the rewards
3. Establishing the mechanisms to generate in-depth customer purchase data
4. Identifying fundamentals that will make the program sustainable