SME Support Services

Planning Ahead to Stay Ahead

This is a unique management support services that specifically targets business enterprises that are finding it difficult to manage growth.Our goal is to see such enterprises survive the growth phase. The support services take the form of strategy development with implementation support being optional.

We guide our customers in understanding or determining their reason for existence and their strategic direction. We also support them in conducting an in-depth situation analysis to understand the following:-

  1. The operating environment both internal and external
  2. The industry
  3. The products and services
  4. The target customers

Together with our customers, we subsequently develop fresh ideas and tailor made solutions that best support their growth and lead to improved performance. This is done through a systematic business support process that incorporates all other aspects of business management.

Our support service approach is in 4 phases namely:-

1. Getting to know you
2. Supporting you Put Together a Plan of Action
3. Supporting Execution Efforts (Optional)
4. Guiding Performance Management