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The Pain of Making an Enquiry

Every day we are making enquiries. We do so because we need more information to make better decisions. In the world of business, customers make many enquiries. Often, they do so as an initial step of the buying process. These enquiries should ideally lead to a sale. Enquiries received in person, via the phone, on email, through the website contact page, or via different social media channels, require a follow -up. A customer who enquires is closer to buying than a customer who we need to cold call. When a customer makes an enquiry, they expect a prompt response. Unfortunately, I have noticed that so many enquiries go unanswered.  In most cases, making a simple enquiry about a product or a service is a painful process. Why would any smart business ignore enquiries? Why would a business intentionally cause its customers so much pain as they try to buy?  Why do sales enquiries go unanswered? Why…
Dr. Lucy Kiruthu
February 26, 2021