Is your culture reactive or proactive?

As it appeared in the Daily Nation on May 29th 2018 by Lucy Kiruthu We often hear people say, “that is how we do things around here”. Others may say that you have to do this or that because that is how it must be done. Most organizations seem to have a natural way of […]

Making Change Happen

As it appeared in the Daily Nation May 22nd, 2018 by Lucy Kiruthu We live in a changing world. Change is all around us. We change a few things without much hassle but most change is difficult. Many organizations and even individuals have consistently struggled with change. We do not want to change our way […]

Safaricom Performance from a Customers’ Perspective

As it appeared in the Daily Nation May 15th, 2018 Last week, Safaricom announced its results for the full year ending March 2018. The results included total revenues that were unheard of in Kenya’s corporate history. In 2008 when the company held its initial public offering, not many of us would have expected that it […]

Are your Customers Happy?

As it appeared in the Daily Nation May 8th, 2018 Over the last two decades, the field of customer experience has attracted massive attention. Millions of dollars have been spent in training and retraining staff on the art and science of customer experience. Organizations have invested heavily on systems that support manage the customer experience […]

Do our workers deserve to be celebrated?

As it appeared in the Daily Nation May 1st, 2018 Today is Labour Day! Also referred to as the International Workers’ Day; it is the day that the achievements of workers in many countries are celebrated. With its origin in the labour union movement, the day focuses heavily on unionized workers and the many gains […]