Closing 2017 on a High Note

How was your 2017? An associate recently asked for my description of the year 2017 in three words. My first instinct was ‘Another Year Gone’. However, on further reflection, I recognized that 2017 was not just another year gone. It was a unique year. It was a year characterized by both the good and the […]

Every Customer Interaction is Priceless

As it appeared in the Daily Nation on December 19th, 2017 Every day, millions of customer interactions happen. These interactions are either face-to-face, via telephone, via email, via social media or on other online platforms. These interactions shape the customers’ perception of our businesses. Most importantly, it is these interactions that determine whether the customers […]

Establishing Credibility in Your Business

As it appeared in the Daily Nation on December 12th, 2017 How Credible is your Business? At a recent strategy workshop, we had an interesting discussion on the subject of credibility both in business and at the personal level. While some of the managers felt that it is daunting to establish credibility in business, others […]

Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Spirit

As it appeared in the Daily Nation on December 5th, 2017 Businesses especially small and medium enterprises all around us are an engine for social-economic transformation. Not only do these businesses provide a livelihood to their owners they also create employment both directly and indirectly. Some of these businesses were started and are owned by […]