The Future of Retail

Businesses keep evolving. This is evident across all sectors and retailers have not been left behind. For example, retail stores as we know them today did not exist in the past and are unlikely to exist in the future. Globally, the retail sector continues to advance. It is a sector that is expected to have […]

Smart Companies Continue to raise their Customer Experience Standards

As it appeared in the Daily Nation on September 12th, 2017 Customers’ expectations keep rising. Customers continue to be choosier, more demanding and less loyal. Organizations hoping to survive in the marketplace have no choice but to also raise their standards. Every year for the last two and a half decades, organizations from across the […]

Dear Customer, Please sort out your own packaging!

As it appeared in the Daily Nation on September 5th, 2017 The last time I was on the Mai-Mahiu Maasai-Mara road, one of the main attractions was the plastic bags. It was heart-rending to witness such sights. The areas around the urban areas along the road were most affected. All over and especially in our […]