Is your company “becoming digital” fast enough?

About 3 years ago, I renewed my driving license online within two minutes. It was unbelievable. All my expectations were exceeded. Incidentally, I had zero expectations, after all, it was a public service (which off course I was paying for) and no one had shared his or her painless experience. A few weeks ago, I […]

Reflections on Leading Customer Focus from the Frontline

As it appeared in the Daily Nation on Oct 18th 2016 Lucy Kiruthu A Customer Care Manager position at a leading auto dealer seemed quite attractive.  Barely two months after responding to the Newspaper Job advert, I was at work ready to do what needed to be done. As a middle level manager reporting to […]

So, What Next after the Customer Service Week Celebrations?

As it appeared in the Daily Nation on Oct 11th 2016 Lucy Kiruthu The Customer Service Celebrations got a notch higher last week. This year, many organizations joined in the bandwagon. In several offices and banks, the few customers who still visit were received not only with smiles but also with goodies and in some […]

Have you ever been Business Partners? Here are some Insights on living happily ever after.

By Lucy Kiruthu – Lead Consultant and Trainer – Evolve Business Consultants Business partnerships are a noble idea because after all, two are better than one. It was from this viewpoint that I jumped in with both feet to explore the possibility of a business partnership. That was seven years ago just a few months […]

Customer Service Week is Here! Can you feel the Spark?

As it appeared in the Daily Nation on Oct 4th2016 Lucy Kiruthu 52 weeks in a year, companies serve their customers. 52 weeks year after year, smart company go an extra mile to serve their customers with excellence. 1 week in a year, customer focused companies reignite the customer service spark.  On this first week […]

Recognizing Exceptional Service: A Pathway to Better Service

As it appeared in the Daily Nation on Sept 27th2016 Lucy Kiruthu Every day, millions of customer interactions happen.  They happen across a multitude of channels. In addition to the traditional face-to-face interactions, there are tons of telephone interactions, email interactions and off course the fastest growing form of interactions happening online. During these interactions, […]

Pushing out the Silo Mentality

As it appeared in the Daily Nation on Sept 20th2016 by Lucy Kiruthu “Everyone should just focus on what is going on in their department.” This is a common phrase in organizations where silo mentality is customary. In such organizations, new products are launched into the marketplace without the knowledge of all the parties concerned. […]