Leading Customer Service Change

As it appeared in the daily nation of March 3rd 2015 Lucy Kiruthu I recall as a young professional listening to the then KCB Managing Director Terry Davidson walk us through the KCB story at a leadership forum a decade ago. Davidson was talking about the transformation that was happening in the bank. One of […]

What is new in customer service?

As it appeared in the daily nation of February 24th 2015 Lucy Kiruthu How often do Customer Service news make it to the headlines? For example; thousands of customers not happy with the continued power outages or students hold a press conference to complain about long wait for exam results or customers boycott hotel following […]

Lack of Strategy hampering Customer Experiences in most Medium Enterprises

As it appeared in the daily nation of February 17th 2015 Lucy Kiruthu More than 50 years ago, discussions around strategy started. Many organizations have gone through the strategic planning cycles and others have strategic management in action guiding their everyday activities. The benefits of having a strategy have been applauded by many managers. In […]

Why is the Customer that Important?

As it appeared in the daily nation of February 10th 2015 Lucy Kiruthu A recruiter once said that I had overused the word customer on my CV. Interestingly this made me the best candidate for a customer service role 10 years ago. The use of the word only reflected who I had become; a customer […]

The Voice of the Customer is getting Louder

As it appeared in the daily nation of February 3rd 2015 Lucy Kiruthu When Dave Corroll the Canadian musician sung the widely talked about protest song “United Breaks Guitars 1” he possibly never imaged that it would get to the current over 14 million views on YouTube.  It does not matter that Dave sang a […]

The changing face of customer experience ownership

As it appeared in the daily nation of January 27th 2015 Lucy Kiruthu Should sales own the customer experience or should it be marketing? Better still, why should customer service not fully own the customer experience? Why not operations, or information Technology, the CEO or even the customer? Does anyone have control over the customer […]

5 Customer Service Lessons for Everyday Interactions

Every day we have numerous interactions with our customers and our colleagues. These interactions can have either a positive or negative impact. Today I share 5 lessons that make a difference when we interact with one another. Be Respectful Jackie Robinson once said “I’m not concerned with your liking or disliking me… All I ask […]