Getting your Customer Care into Social Media

Is everyone out there monitoring and responding to what their customers are saying in social media? Social Media platforms mainly Twitter and Facebook have gained popularity as channels for customer feedback all over the world and Kenyans have not been left behind. For a number of days there has been an interesting discussion on twitter […]

At Stima Sacco we are Delighted to Serve our Customers

A case Study of Stima Sacco’s Continuing Journey to Service Excellence The journey started with a single step, a commitment by Paul Wambua the Stima Sacco CEO to lead a service improvement initiative. Soon after, a customer service conversation with the entire leadership team was in full swing. I recall alerting the team that the […]

Ethics and Excellent Service Delivery do not mix

As it appeared in the Daily Nation of July 17th 2012 By Lucy Kiruthu The ethics debate goes on. On one end it is driven by the insertions in our new constitution. The chapter 6 on leadership and integrity has especially raised many points to ponder and so has section 46 on consumer rights. On […]

Kenya at 50: 5 Service Excellence Lessons from Singapore

As it appeared in the Daily Nation of December 10th 2013 In 1965, 2 years after Kenya, Singapore became independent. The country has attracted many admirers and seems to live its values of integrity, service and excellence. It leads the world in GDP per capita and it is renowned for high integrity levels. Last year […]

Customer Service Training is not an event

Many Organizations aim to Train their Staff in Customer Service this Year Lucy Kiruthu In a competitive environment, repeat business should be every smart company’s desire. Customers return mainly when satisfied or if loyal both of which are directly influenced by how the staff interact with the customers and with each other. A common skill […]

My Customer My Friend … Connect, Commit & Celebrate

By Lucy Kiruthu (An abridged version of a speech shared during the KCB monthly tea break on Wednesday 29th January 2014) Do you have someone that you can call at 3am and they will not complain that you have interrupted their sleep? Do you have people that do not consult their diaries when you have […]

Customer Service At Its Best – compiled by Lucy Kiruthu

The book is a quick read with large prints and is a compilation of 202 short thoughts that make a big difference in how we serve our customers! A worldwide survey conducted by the Rockefeller Corporation across a range of industries to find out reasons why customers leave reported that 1% of customers die, 3% […]

What not to say to a Customer

“What is your problem?” “Hang on a sec.” “If you had read our company policy….” “Calm down!” “You will have to wait.” “No one else has complained.” “It is not my job.” These and many more are phrases that when used can be disastrous to customers’ interactions. They not only damage our credibility and that […]

Customer Service is not getting worse it is getting harder

As it appeared in the Daily Nation of August 5th by Lucy Kiruthu I am glad to resume and ready to share with you regular insights from the field of customer service. During my just concluded customer service study tour, I had a chance hold a conversation with Shep Hyken a luminary in the field […]

Video: Customer Service At Its best by Lucy Kiruthu