The Evolution of Customer Interactions Channels

Over the last three decades, channels for interacting with customer have grown immensely. Face-to-face interactions and telephone calls are gradually becoming outdated. Slightly over two decades ago, emailing and messaging made inroads. Telephone calls and emails made it unnecessary for customers to physically visit a service provider. Before we decide to visit any organization in […]

What is ailing our SMEs?

As it appeared in the Daily Nation on March 13th, 2018 Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) play a pivotal role in driving social economic well-being. Locally, SMEs provide a livelihood to millions of Kenyans. Globally, they are a force to reckon. While some SMEs have matured into large corporates others have chosen or have […]

Everything Business – Leading Your Team to Achieve More

As it appeared in the Daily Nation on March 6th, 2018 Most of us are part of different kinds of teams. These teams are at the workplace, in our businesses, in church, in the community, in school etc. In some of the teams, we are the leaders and in the others, we are the followers. […]

The Changing Consumer Behaviour in Kenya

As it appeared in the Daily Nation on February 27th, 2018 Every day, we choose what to buy, when to buy, where to buy from and how often to buy among other purchase decisions. Over the years, consumers have changed how they make these choices and what informs their decisions. Today, the Kenyan consumers are […]

What targets have you set for your team?

As it appeared in the Daily Nation on February 20th, 2018 Many businesses have set very clear revenue and or production targets. These targets are tracked and reported daily. In addition, most sales persons have targets. Every week they submit a report on the status of their sales pipeline. Most call centres also have set […]

Building and Sustaining a Culture of Service Excellence

As it appeared in the Daily Nation on February 13th, 2018 How would you describe your organizational culture? I often pose this question to company executives and to entrepreneurs. Many are hard-pressed to describe their culture. Others describe it in an amorphous way. However, the few that have been intentional about their desired culture, describe […]

Why Customers Never Come Back

As it appeared in the Daily Nation on February 6th, 2018 Every smart business desires to hold on to its valuable customers for life. Unfortunately, not many businesses are able to keep their customers year in year out. Many businesses tussle with customer inactivity and attrition. Some customers only come back once in a while […]

Are we Adequately Equipping our Staff?

As it appeared in the Daily Nation on January 30th, 2018 I believe that the knowledge and skills that students receive while in college may not be adequate to make them top performers when at the workplace. A wide range of skills, knowledge and attitudes need to be learnt while on the job. First, new […]

Is your Business Focus Right?

As it appeared in the Daily Nation on January 23rd, 2018 What is your business focusing on? Businesses can choose to focus on one major thing or on a number of areas. Most businesses focus on aspects such as revenues, profits, staff engagement, customer numbers, customer retention, customer satisfaction, expansion, digitization, social impact and the […]

Is the Quality of Staff Hurting Us?

As it appeared in the Daily Nation on January 16th, 2018 We often talk about quality of products and quality of service. However, discussions about quality of staff are not common. This is despite the fact that quality products and quality services are dependent on the quality of staff. Our staff produce products and offer […]